Domohorn Wrinkle 2020 RENEWAL

This winter of 2020,
Essential 4 will be upgraded again.

Proven effective
in improving wrinkles
and preventing spots.

Like #5 Vital White Essence,
#6 Cream20 has also
been approved
as an effective skin care product
this time and marked with 医薬部外品.
“The skin with no worries
about wrinkles and spots”
will soon be yours. ※ 医薬部外品(quasi-drugs) is a category between medicine
and cosmetics defined
by the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
it contains a certain concentration
of particular ingredients
therefore its an effective skin care prodcut.

The miraculous power
of our natural extracts

We use our unique cultivation
and extraction methods
to extract the miraculous power
from the plants, which make
our extracts enhance
their original strength and rich
in precious skin nutrients.

Deliver essential nutrients
into the skin better than ever.

With this upgraded Essential 4,
you will feel that ingredients can
into the skin more efficiently.
This is the result of our research
about a characteristic skin structure called “Lamellar”.
We found
the technology that can deliver nutrients
the stratum corneum to target sites within
the skin.
In a short amount of time,
you will be able to feel
the difference in your skin
and enjoy using
our products
than ever.