Domohorn Wrinkle 2020 RENEWAL

The brand new Essential 4,
Gorgeous upgraded

Our upgraded version is different from the past.
Our ultimate goal in 2020 is to create healthy skin
that is carefree from wrinkles and spots concerns.
We do not compromise on our aging research
for your beauty skin experience
Our all new beauty upgrade just for you,
the healthy skin that you will not regret

No.1 Upgraded

Infuse the power of nature
into the skin

The strong vitality of nature that grows
in a harsh environment,
transformed into exerting a stronger power
in human skin.

The basis of the Domohorn Wrinkle concept comes from Kampo.
Kampo has a history of thousands of years,
its philosophy is to use natural vitality
to enhance human vitality.

Domohorn Wrinkle learns from nature
and use Kampo wisdom
to find plant essences that can awaken
the skin's self-repair ability.
We conduct research and development,
and constantly searching for various plants, examining and comparing the different effects
of buds, stems, leaves, roots and flower buds.
During the never-compromising research journey, we found that,
the more severe
the natural environment, the stronger
the plant that can grow stably,
and the vitality of this plant can help to
awake the “skin's fundamental power”.

Using Kampo wisdom
and cutting-edge technology,
the most effective essence is researched out, and upgraded
into Essential 4 to achieve deeper skin effects.


Honey Scented Black Tea

Tea leaves, which are grown in Taiwan
without using any pesticides or fertilizers.
By feeding the leafhopper with these tea leaves,
the whole leaves have the power to resist
the damage called “phytoalexin”.

Those tea leaves have the power
to overcome
nature surroudings.
They bring out the sweet and fastinating scent through natural fermentation.



Planted on the high mountains of the Alps,
the growth environment is exposed to strong sunlight, and it contains excellent vitality that can resist strong ultraviolet rays.
Deliberately remove the flowers
that have grown
for a year in such a harsh environment,
and only use re-blooming flowers as raw materials,
because the beauty energy contained in them far exceeds
that of the first year flowers.


fermented extract

From our research, we found out
that the extract which is extracted after mixing all plant materials from the beginning is more powerful than those that is extracted separately and then mix afterward.

However, complex fermentation extraction requires a rigorous quality management,
and special care must be taken in all processes.
We, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical,
can maximize
the power of the plants
by our rich knowledge
of Japanese
and Chinese plants, and distinctive fermentation technology.

No.2 Upgraded

Blends the nature ingredients
with skin.

With the latest technology,
the skincare ingredients are integrated
with the skin to exude radiance and elasticity from the inside and outside,
and at the same time enhance
the use of the skin care routine.

By using the upgraded “Essential 4,
Layered Skincare”,
the “multiplying effect
of anti-wrinkle and clean spots” is reached
to the extreme.
let the natural ingredients incorporated
into all steps of skin care routine to achieve the multiplication effect of 1+1>2
beautiful skin.

We carefully select rich natural ingredients, with advanced extraction and introduction technology, then step by step
from the outside to the inside penetrate
into the required areas
of the skin
to enhance self-repair.

A series of skin care products dedicated to
the skin,
including collagen.
In Essential 4,
first use “#4Intense Hydrator” to release
the dry
and tight stratum corneum,
fully moisturize and create a soft skin environment that can fully absorb
“#5Vital White Essence”
and “#6Cream20”,
and together improve wrinkles
and prevent spots. Finally,
“#7Milky Veil Lotion” forms a protective layer on the surface of mature skin.
With the last skin care process,
it fully moisturizes, locks young and restores healthy skin.

The skin feels full on the outside and inside, making daily skin care more enjoyable.

The skin has a unique structure with layers
of water
and oil, name“Lamellar structure”.
“#5Vital White Essence” and “#6Cream20” are not “forced penetration”,
but with the latest “layered Structure” penetration technology to seamlessly close to
the skin structure,
so that the “distinctive natural ingredients” in the capsule can be gentle and reach to where the skin needs it.
“Deep penetration” to the bottom of
the skin layer.

The extract in the capsule is integrated
with the skin,
it seems to have disappeared,
giving people an extraordinary feeling.

No.3 Upgraded

Create the skin that suppresses
the formation of wrinkles and spots.

With the power of quasi-drugs,
it can improve current wrinkles
and prevent future dark spots.

Our goal is not to remove the appearance
of wrinkles and spots,
but to enhance
the skin's fundamental power,
making it difficult
to generate wrinkles
from the inside out.

In 2020, “#6Cream20” in Essential 4 become quasi-drugs like
“#5Vital White Essence”.
After the strict examination
by the Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare of Japan,
“#6Cream20” has successfully obtained the approval
of cosmeceuticals products that contain certain concentrations
of specific ingredients and are effective skin care products.

Therefore, we can more clearly say that our products are aimed
at wrinkles in the dermis and epidermis,
and promote the production of collagen in the dermis to improve wrinkles and inhibit their formation.
We hope to open up a new path to beautify your skin
for improving wrinkles and spots!

Each of the Essential 4 products has
its own benefits.
Use these 4 products together
to enhance their power.

4Intense Hydrator

120mL for about 60 days JPY ¥5,000

Soften the stratum corneum
and fully moisturize the surface
of the skin,
which make
“#5Vital White Essence”
and “#6Cream20”
be able to absorb
to the bottom of the skin easier.


Glycine Soja (Soybean)
Seed Extract

Benefits: Keep skin healthy


Complex fermented extract

Benefits: Soften the skin


  • 01The unique thick texture can fully moisturize
    the stratum corneum.
  • 02If you use it consistently, your skin will become hydrated and plumped. Even in a dry environment,
    you can keep your skin moisturized
    and beautiful all day long.

5Vital White Essence(quasi-drug)

30mL for about 60 days JPY ¥10,000

It blends with the skin and nurtures
“glowing and radiant skin”.
Using together with “#6Cream20”
to improve wrinkles
and prevent
the formation of dark spots.


Rice bran

Benefits: Bring out the radiance
of the skin


Water-soluable Centella asiatica

Benefits: Keep skin healthy


  • 01It has a rich texture that can instantly penetrate
    into the basal layer and brighten the skin.
  • 02If you use it consistently, you will feel that your skin becomes more radiant. It will bring out your skin's beauty and youth.


30g for about 60 days JPY ¥13,000

It blends with the skin
and imp “elastic and shiny skin.”
Use together after “#5Vital White Essence”
to improve wrinkles
and prevent stains.


Tripletail collagen peptides

Benefits: Moisturize
and give firmness to the skin


Conger Pike eel collagen peptides

Benefits: Moisturize
and give firmness to the skin


  • 01The texture is light and smooth.
    It will moisturize the skin surface,
    and then penetrate into the dermis.
  • 02Through our unique collagen protein care,
    such as continuous use,
    the skin's elasticity will have
    a significant effect.
    Elastic skin can bring out
    a beautiful luster.

7Milky Veil Lotion

100mL for about 70 days JPY ¥5,000

Cover the skin
with a protective cover to protect
the skin from external damage.
At the same time,
it effectively locks the nutrients
of “#5Vital White Essence”
and “#6Cream20” in the skin.


Silk powder

Remove excess sebum


Complex fermented extract

Benefits: Soften the skin


  • 01High penetration, refreshing texture, no sticky feeling after use.
    With continuous use,
    the surface of the skin will gradually become smoother.
  • 02Improve the skin's defenses, so that the skin's moisture is not easily lost, thereby reducing the damage
    to the external environment.

A brand-new container bottle,
giving priority to your
“easy and happy skin care every day”

The meaning behind our logo

“May the skin stay youthful forever, just like spring
with endless vitality.” The master craftsmanship design of Mizuno Manabu integrates the wish entrusted
by our English name into the bottle body,
and the new theme container is replaced
with a new look.
The symbol of Libra is the symbol of kampo pharmaceutical company.

Quality management

In order to allow you to use it easily every day
and be more willing to skin care,
there are many ingenuities
in the full 8 items packaging design.
The glass container protects the fresh skin care ingredients and maintains the best quality, the unique multi-layer hose, backstop and other intimate designs.
In addition, the detachable design that is easy to sort
and recycle for when the bottle is used up.

Dedication to containers

The easy-to-grip bottle body curve design
and easy-to-place bottle cap, with a clear digital indication of the order of use, allow you to enjoy
the daily skin care process in the morning and evening.
Feel the moment of switching happiness through layered skin care. Only at this moment, dedicated to you a good time to concentrate on caring for your skin.