Domohorn Wrinkle 2020 RENEWAL

Mechanisms of Aging

The relationship between aging and skin problems.
We have solved the puzzle of aging mechanisms.

Does living one more year mean you get
a year older?

We don't agree with that.
It is just one of the indicators used
by humans.
Some people look older than their actual age,
while some people look younger.
It is difficult to make a conclusion based
on one indicator.
So what are the factors
that cause people or skin to age?
On the other hand,
what factors help maintaining
a youthful complexion?

If we can find out
about those factors....

To find solutions that can improve wrinkles
and spots that increase with age,
we have established
the Institute of Aging, which focuses
on solving
the “mystery of aging mechanism”.

In 2015, we found an important answer.
With the upgrade in 2020,
we have developed even further.

We found that the keys are the ANL and HSP,
which are substances inside human body.

People with high HSP and low ANL tend to have
rich vitality, making them look younger than their age.
On the other hand, people with low HSP
and high ANL tend to age faster than their actual age.
true nature cannot simply be fully measured by age.

The problems caused by aging can be improved
by treating the root cause.

Imagine when dominoes fall. If you don't stop it
from the beginning, the falling dominoes will continuously fall one after another all the way down.

If each falling domino represents a skin problem caused by aging, then the skin problems will become more visible on the surface of the skin when the dominos keep falling down.
Even we focus on treating the symptoms,
but if the root cause remains the same,
the skin problems will still reappear.

This is known as the “negative chain”,
and this repetition is one of the causes
of the aging mechanism.

We have successfully developed a brand-new method that can inhibit ANL that accelerates aging
and increase the production of HSP that maintains
your youth.

By unraveling the mechanism of aging, we have changed from the previous direction and tried to find more possibilities from a new direction.

How your future skin will be

With HSP and ANL, we have unraveled one
of the factors that cause aging.
The Institute of Aging of Saishunkan Pharmaceutical focuses on finding the possibilities that can change people's lives for the next 100 years, and then maximize their full potential.

In 2020, the new Essential 4 will bring out
the best of your skin.

Like the food you have eaten today will become
your body tomorrow,
Using Essential 4 today will create your future skin
as well.