Domohorn Wrinkle 2020 RENEWAL

Our Uniqueness

Saishunkan Pharmaceutical continuously learn from nature,
the wisdom of Kampo,
and further evolve using
cutting-edge technologies.

Started as a Chinese herbal medicine company
since 1974,
Domohorn Wrinkle has been continuously evolving
and upgrading products based
on the latest research results obtained through
the integration of Chinese medicine and science.

In order to keep the skin bright and shine,
we focus on researching the skin's self-repair ability.
“Suppress skin aging”-Just like its name,
Domohorn Wrinkle cultivates
the skin's fundamental power to effectively fight aging.

Always beside the women,
Listen to their problems,
Encourage women to live a life with confidence.

  • For 46 years,
    we have been striving
    to find the best key
    to beautiful skin.

    The history of Domohorn Wrinkle

    We have continuously research
    on aging skin for 46 years.
    We have listened to stories of customers with wrinkles
    and dark spots concerns,
    and have strived to find
    the best solutions to improve these concerns
    by enhancing the skin's fundamental power.
    In 1974, the starting point
    of Domohorn Wrinkle originated
    as the pioneer company that added collagen
    to skin care products for the first time.
    At that time, collagen had only been used in the medical field.
    Our brand has established its position
    in the minds
    of Japanese woman
    as a basic skin care that helps
    to improve wrinkles and spots.

  • We are
    a Chinese medicine company

    We adopt Eastern Medicine based
    on Chinese medicine(Kampo),
    which is different from Western Medicine
    which focuses
    on symptomatic treatment.
    We use natural power to awaken the “skin's fundamental power”
    and fundamentally reduce skin troubles.

    The “skin's fundamental power” that can repair itself
    even if injured is the skin’s most beautiful treasure,
    it gradually weakens with age.
    Through skin care routine,
    we hope to wake up and enhance
    the skin's inherent self-repair ability,
    so that it can reduce skin troubles.

    Domohorn Wrinkle is a basic skin care product that has been learned
    from the concept of Kampo to improve
    skin troubles.

  • Kampo wisdom
    and most advanced dermatology

    The purpose of using Kampo skin care is
    to find out
    the root cause of the skin's surface disturbance,
    and to relieve
    the problem of skin aging.
    We not only want to remove the wrinkles
    that have already
    but also look forward to restoring healthy skin
    that is not prone to wrinkles.

    Originally our skin has its own
    fundamental power.
    In order to awaken and improve
    the “skin's fundamental power”
    that degrades with age, we adhere
    to the concept of
    “using the abundant energy contained
    in nature to nourish the skin”
    and focus on the research
    and development of technology
    and natural ingredients.

    Our research has brought us
    to discovering many effective
    natural ingredients, and along with Kampo wisdom and
    cutting-edge technology,
    we have been able to go deep into
    the aging mechanism
    and uncover
    the causes of aging, and finding
    the best solutions to treat
    from the root of the problems.

    “Kampo × Science”
    This is the uniqueness
    of Saishunkan Pharmaceutical research.

  • Directly deliver
    Japanese quality products
    for you

    In comparing to increase the number
    of products,
    we want to increase customer satisfaction more.
    We produce all our skin care products under strict quality management system,
    and all product inspection measures
    have been taken to pursue
    comprehensive safety.

    At most, up to 25 members participate
    in the production
    of a product,
    and pass manual and visual inspections
    in a strict environment that meets strict quality
    and Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP standards).
    And it needs to pass the outward appearance test of the staff
    by their hands and eyes.
    After the products have meet the standards,
    they will be delivered directly from Saishunkan Pharmaceutical to customers
    in Japan and around the world.

  • About our Customer Pleaser

    Everyone has different skin care methods
    for the same skin troubles.
    In order to help customers fundamentally improve their skin
    and provide
    the most complete skin care techniques,
    we have customer service staffs known as
    “Pleasers” to talk with our customers.

    We use the concept of hearing
    the “symptoms and signs” of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics to find
    the root cause to the skin condition
    of the customer,
    and provide the most appropriate advice according to
    the situation.
    Customers can contact us by e-mail,
    via SNS or chat rooms too.

Japan's most repeated brand

Comparison of per item sales
with other companies

Although with only 8 items,
Domohorn Wrinkle is ranked No.1 over other brands
for its sales per item.
This is because same item is repeated order
many times
by customers.

The reason is that Japanese customers
have been with us for a long time

The repurchase rate of our members exceeds 90%.
In addition, not only is the rate high,
customers choose to use for many years.
It is a product that is loved and meet
the satisfaction
from our customers.
We insist on focusing our skin care line on 8 items
and spending the same amount of time
to our customer's needs, for this reason
we have received high support than other brands and
is the most selected skin care brand in Japan.

Domohorn Wrinkle celebrates
its 10th year of overseas expansion

Loved by customers all over the world
and has been experienced
by about 1.3 million people up to date.
Domohorn Wrinkle contains all our answers
to age-defying skin care.
We strive to become the companions
of women all over the world,
let us listen to their troubles
and findthe most ideal solution together.