Domohorn Wrinkle 2020 RENEWAL

Reviews from our employees who used the upgraded Essential 4, We have gathered real reviews from real users! Reviews from our employees who used the upgraded Essential 4, We have gathered real reviews from real users!

They surprisingly feel a noticeable difference!

Up until now,
I thought Intense Hydrator
had reached its best result
in absorption.

However, I feel very surprised
after using the new formula!

The moisturizing feeling
does not change,
but it feels lighter in a good way

and absorbs better
and faster even during
a busy morning!

The sticky feeling
after the absorption is
totally different!

If I have to rate them
on a scale of 1-5, I would give
the previous one a 1,
and the upgraded one a 5!

The richness of a texture is
the same as before,
but I am surprised at
how quickly it is absorbed!

When I applied the first time,
it feels like it is
absorbed instantly!

It looks different.
The texture is richer,
but it does not make me
feel heavy.

It feels light on the skin.

It is rich,
looks more luxurious,
and absorbs well into the skin.

It feels effective on the skin
making my skincare routine
more enjoyable.

Although the product was
adjusted its richness
and effectiveness each time it is upgraded, I feel that it has
an unprecedented texture
this time. Also, it is
more effective.

This Vital White Essence
gives a luxurious feeling
and makes me feel that it will be
effective from the first time I pick up.
The texture spreads easily,
absorbs well, and its moisture is
just perfect.

That makes me want to use
this Vital White Essence
every morning
and evening.

I am so impressed
with how well the cream
can be spread evenly and gets absorbed into the skin easily.

It also has a rich texture.
I am very satisfied
with this product ♡

I feel slightly greasy on the skin,
but I think it is just perfect
for winter as my skin feels
so moisturized!

Cream20 can be spread
ith my fingers easily
and can massage around
the eye areas smoothly
without rubbing.

I feel that my skin
looks radiant and smoother
than before.

It absorbs quickly into my skin.
At the same time, I can feel
the richness that remains
on the surface of my skin.
I feel comfortable
and satisfied to use it!

It feels like putting
a protective veil on,
and it also absorbs quickly
into my skin.

I do not need to wait
in the morning before using
#8UV Dress Cream!

I feel like there is
a protective shield on my skin
after using Essential4.
The new Milky Veil Lotion
makes my skin feel
so bouncy and soft!

I feel that it absorbs
into my skin a little faster
than before.
It also feels lighter
after the entire
skincare routine.

The time spent on pressing
the product on the face until
it absorbs has changed drastically!
I always have to do it
about 30 times each time before,
but it is not like that anymore!
The moisturizing feeling
also remains!