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Did you know photoaging occurs when sunlight hits your skin?

Warning! The sun’s rays contribute toward the aging of your skin.

Photoaging can easily occur during periods when you come into contact with strong sunlight.If too much UV rays from the sun touches your skin, it will create a large amount of reactive oxygen, causing oxidation on your skin.When the reactive oxygen is produced, it will begin to attack collagen, which maintains plump and supple skin, and melanocytes, which forms melanin, ruining the balance of your skin composition.

Skin with less collagen loses suppleness, and an increase in melanin will cause wrinkles and age spots.The aging of skin caused by the hot and strong summer sun is called photoaging, and we have spent over 40 years doing research on how to prevent it from happening.

On top of solving everyday problems, Domohorn Wrinkle makes your skin strong against seasonal trouble.

When protecting the skin against photoaging, it is important to improve the regeneration ability of your skin.Domohorn Wrinkle breaks down excess reactive oxygen with Infiltrate Active Vitamin C, controlling oxidation on the skin with an ingredient called Pimpinella.Extract from ginseng and tulips improve the fundamental power of collagen, reducing damage caused by UV rays.

Skincare should not be carried out as emergency measures for certain areas or during certain seasons, but should be done daily to improve skin vitality and creating skin that won’t lose to common problems.

For those who are often in contact with UV rays or feel like you have terrible skin lately, give Domohorn Wrinkle a try.It can improve its metabolism and bringing back its former transparency, resolving problems other than photoaging.