Skin Problems

Check for Causes of Dull Eyes!

“My eyelids are brown despite thorough cleansing…”
“I bought a new eye color, but it seems a little dull…”

Have you ever had such experiences? Darkening of the eyes does not simply diminish the effect of colored eye makeup — it can make your eyelids look puffy and leave you looking tired and sleepy.

Delicate skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is especially thin when compared to other facial areas. If the skin of the cheeks had the thickness as a bath towel, the skin around the eyes would only as thick as a handkerchief. This skin is therefore extremely delicate and prone to irritation by even slight stimuli.

So, what causes dull skin around the eyes? There is no single answer. Causes includes drying of the skin and puffiness caused by poor blood flow. Another cause is pigment deposition caused by stimuli such as eye makeup. The skin around the eyes is quite soft, and is therefore prone to produce melanin in response to slight stimulation.

Self-check! Are you bringing burden to the skin around eye area?

名称未設定-1Use the following items to check the state of the skin around your eyes in everyday life. If you have any bad habits, take this opportunity to correct them.

CHECK 1: Forcibly rubbing off long-lasting makeup
Recent makeup products are using “waterproof”, “smudge-proof” or “sweatproof” as their selling points, which make them hard to remove.

The more force you put into removing these cosmetics, the greater the burden you place on your eyes. On the other hand, if you don’t remove your makeup properly, this can also damage the skin around your eyes. The best thing is to remove your makeup carefully and gently.

CHECK 2: Using brushes that become misshapen
The brushes that you use for everyday application of cosmetics come into direct contact with your skin. They should be washed and replaced regularly to maintain cleanliness.

CHECK 3: Stretching your eyelids hard when curling your eyelashes with a curler
When curling your eyelashes with a curler, applying a lot of force and damaging the eyelid itself is one cause of pigmentation. In addition, stretching your eyelids or the area below your eyes when you apply eyeliner is also a rough stimulus.

CHECK 4: The habit of rubbing your eyes when they are itchy or when you are tired
Apart from applying makeup, some people are prone to irritating their eyes unconsciously. People who normally tend to rub their eyes should try their best not to do so.