About Domohorn Wrinkle

Domohorn Wrinkle Company Tour-Yakusai Park factory-

Taking responsibility for making our product safe and reliable.

Saishunkan is located on a lush green hill in Kumamoto Prefecture. The area is blessed with many natural resources, such as clean air and abundant sources of pure water vital to the manufacture of skin care products. Domohorn Wrinkle products are made in accordance with the traditional Chinese medicine concept of using the power of nature to help people.

We do not sell through shops, instead we ship the products we make in Kumamoto directly to our customers.


The factory takes care of everything from selection of raw materials to manufacturing in accordance with strict company standards, and ships “freshly made” Domohorn Wrinkle products every day. Everything we do is based on the idea that what you put on your skin is no different to what you eat. Customer perception of safety is our priority. Our products use no artificial fragrances or colors, only colors and fragrances from natural sources.We also carry out our own tests for residues of agricultural chemicals and radioactive materials in our products.


Manually handled with care from the moment it’s made


This photo shows freshly-made Oil-in-Gel Remover being removed from the manufacturing vessel. Raw materials are weighed by hand in units of 1 g, staff remove products manually from production vessels, and the quality checks performed for the 3 days after manufacture are also not automated.

Quality testing is carried out on the top, middle, and bottom layers of the product manufactured in these vessels. This lets us answer any customer inquiries about when a product was made, what raw materials were used, which vessel was used, and even which layer in the vessel the product came from.


Once the product has passed quality testing, it is decanted into containers. Staffs visually inspect products coming off automated lines. Products are X-rayed to check for contamination, and a staff carries out a thorough visual inspection for damage or dirt.



After completing a manufacturing run, machinery is carefully disassembled and cleaned by hand, a process that takes 3-4 hours every day.


Checking container details and wrapping carefully in toweling


After the containers are filled, staff carry out a thorough visual check of all products to ensure there is no damage to bottles or tubes and no blurred print. This human inspection is less efficient than automated checks. Yet, we insist on human inspection because we want to be sure that customers using Domohorn Wrinkle products can carry on using them for life.


Products which have passed this strict visual inspection are then packed. This photograph shows containers being wrapped individually by hand. A final check is also made during packaging.


Products that have passed our strict quality tests and final inspection are stamped with the manufacturing date and shipped from the plant to our customers.


Quality control that demonstrates our responsibility beyond the point of sale


Our quality control process does not end when the manufactured, inspected, and packed product is shipped safely to the customer. We don’t just sell, ship, and then forget. This is the Saishunkan spirit of craftsmanship.

Products manufactured at the plant and samples of raw materials are retained in our sample storeroom for 4 years. Every product we have manufactured is held here, and our data management system lets us identify products immediately so we can respond swiftly to any quality inquiries from our customers. This data collection system helps us to stay responsible for our products even after they have passed into the hands of our customers.


A factory rooted in craftsmanship that listens to customers


Compliments and criticisms from customers are pinned to a wall in Yakusai Park.This display ensures that staff making products at our factory stay customer-focused and maintain their sense of responsibility.
Customer comments are updated regularly so that staff can respond to the questions and requests that come in every day.

We want Domohorn Wrinkle products to be the basic skin care that customers continue to use for their entire life, everyday essentials even as they grow old, something as familiar to them as their own skin. We want to respond sincerely and conscientiously to our customers so that they can use our products with confidence. Precisely because we do not sell face-to-face, we always listen carefully to our customers during manufacturing.