We wish to continue
healthy skin in every season!
Every lady looks for a
shiny beauty skin for sure!

Your skin condition depends
on your skincare routine.

How is your skincare routine?

  • Changing your skincare products with
    seasons or weathers.

  • Use lightweight toner
    in hot season.

  • Feel moisture only
    in humid season.

If you are doing any of the above,
you have to be careful of
the Inner Dry Skin problem!

What is Inner Dry Skin?

  • Hot Weather

  • Skin surface turn sticky
    with high temperature
    and humidity.

  • Ignoring the dryness
    inside your skin,
    will cause the inner
    dry skin problem.

Japan Skincare Professional

Hot weather produces the strongest UV rays, plus the following reasons may cause the inner dry skin problem.

If you just let your skin stay in dry condition during hot weather, skin will become unstable, dry, rough and enlarge pores. Wrinkles and spots will appear and make you look older than your real age. It is just the beginning of aging skin.

Causes of Inner Dry Skin

  • Skin will feel thirsty like us.
    Moisture lost by sweating

  • Extreme dry condition
    under the blast of air-conditioner or fan.

  • UV damage
    by strong UV rays.

  • Cannot sleep well in hot weather.
    Lack of sleep

  • Big temperature difference
    between indoor and outdoor.
    Pores open and continue to sweat

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