Perfect time to do your skincare routine as the temperature have decreased♪
Have you ignore your UV protection
since the weather getting cool?

But the UV rays are
still strong in November!

Continuous UV protection and using “Essential 4” to get the skin that never get defeated by dry weather in winter!

How does “Essential 4” work on your skin

“Essential 4” will harmonize each other to bring out
the fundamental skin power to create bare skin that is healthy and able to fight skin troubles.

  • 1

    Soften skin
    Fully moisturize the skin

  • 2

    Promote metabolism
    Improve skin transparency

  • 3

    Boost collagen production
    Create supple shiny skin

  • 4

    Strengthen skin barrier
    Lock moisture and nutrients

UV Protection

Protects skin from UV rays and also blue lights.
Keeps the bare beauty skin naturally glowing for all day long.

UV Dress Cream

  • SPF50+
  • PA++++

Exclusive Gift for a Limited Time Only

From 1 Oct 2016 to 10 Jan 2017

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