Domohorn Wrinkle
Domohorn Wrinkle Overseas 5th Anniversary

With feeling of gratitude,
we have prepared a special gift for you.

From 1st Oct 2016
to 31st Mar 2017
Kumamon Tumbler

Thank you for your continuous support to Domohorn Wrinkle.

Through direct marketing, Domohorn Wrinkle has been supporting our overseas customers in preventing wrinkles and spots for already 5 years.
We sincerely thank you for your support and love.

Domohorn Wrinkle

We now present a “Kumamon Tumbler” for customers who purchased “Essential 4”, “Total 7/ Total 8” or “Half Set Total 7/ Total 8” during the limited period.

From 1st Oct 2016
to 31st Mar 2017
Made in Japan

Who is “Kumamon”?

Kumamon is the character from Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. He is being loved all over the world.

Kumamon Tumbler
Capacity: 360mL
Product Specifications
Raw resin Heatproof temperature Cool tolerance temperature
Body AS resin 80℃ -20℃
Lid Polypropylene 120℃ -20℃
Rubber Silicon resin 140℃ -30℃
Slip proof Rubber Foam
  • * Valid once per customer
  • * “Kumamon tumbler” may not be sent to some countries. In this case, other gift will be replaced. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.