Essential 4 Campaign

The most popular gift from last year
“Intensive Booster”
has been improved!
Start with this special care for 14 days,
leading to healthy and firm skin.

Limited Time Offer
14-Day Intensive Booster
14 sachets, each with a single-use
How to Use
Use it at night
before No.4 Intense Hydrator.

Better than ever! Optimizes Essential 4,
boost healthy skin
You can feel the result on your skin by using
“Intensive Booster” before the Essential 4 set!

Formulated with carefully
selected ingredients
for beautiful skin!

Fig Bark Extract

Keep skin healthy/Prepare the skin
The extract moisturizes and prepares the skin,
which easily fluctuates in the cold.

Mirabilis Jalapa Extract

Improve skin texture/Give skin firmness
It revitalizes your skin, dulled by the cold,
and works on old skin cells that make
the skin feel rough.

Chardonnay Extract

Keep skin healthy
Focusing on the skin that tends to be
damaged by cold and dryness environment.
Keep your skin healthy.

Enjoy your skin routine even
MORE with a pleasant scent


Many customers love
“Intensive Booster”!

  • I tried the Intensive Booster yesterday!
    It quickly penetrated, and my skin felt great!
  • I really love Intensive Booster!
    I feel like my entire face is soft and plump.
  • My skin feels soft and moisturized just in 2 days.
    It’s awesome! I’m glad that it’s back again this year!
  • Excellent texture and easy to absorb!
    I enjoy
    the wonderful scent and soothing feeling
    every time I use it.

Daytime and nighttime
have their own roles.

DaytimeProtect the skin against
environmental damage
NighttimeHelps recover the skin
the damage
during the day

Both the daytime and nighttime
skincare routines are important.
However, for those who are busy in the morning,
here is our recommendation!

Use Intensive Booster,
a night beauty care,with the Essential 4 set
for 14 consecutive days
and experience
“firm, radiant,
and hydrated skin.”
The most popular gift from last year
“Intensive Booster” has been improved!
With this special skincare routine,
it helps fight against skin aging!