Have you recently become
concerned about any
“changes in your skin”?

  • My smile lines have become
    noticeable when I smile…
  • I’ve been concerned about
    dry skin and
    fine lines around
    my eyes and mouth…
  • I feel like my whole face is a
    little bit
    more sagging than
    before because
    I haven’t been
    able to take good care of it.

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Use Moisturizing Gel Eye Patches
together with Essential 4
to take extra care of the skin
around your eyes and mouth,
which is prone to skin issues.

Limited Time Offer

In addition to the
“Essential 4”
that enhances the
skin’s self-repairing ability
and is effective
in treating the root causes of
wrinkles and
dark spots, use Moisturizing Gel Eye Patches
for the skin around the eyes and mouth,
and feel even more noticeable results.

Many satisfied
customers have
positive feedback
using Moisturizing
Gel Eye Patches.

  • This is my favorite gift! Every year,
    I look forward to its arrival,
    and I also like
    how the bouncy
    gel patches feel.

    Ms. N, 47 years old.

  • My skin around my eyes easily
    dry, so these
    gel eye patches help to
    moisturize. It was incredible.

    Ms. S, 39 years old

  • I feel that the sagging under
    my eyes and
    smile lines were becoming thinner.
    It’s great since it’s easy
    to use and only
    takes 5 minutes.

    Ms. M, 51 years old

  • I enjoy how comfortable
    and bouncy it
    Especially when I’m feeling
    it’s very relaxing.

    Ms. O, 35 years old

Moisturizing Gel Eye

Limited Time Gift

Contents: 6 Packs (12 Pieces) *2 Pieces in each pack
How to use: Use after applying Essential 4 at night.

Use with Essential 4 for noticeable results.

  • Improve skin
    and luminosity
    for a more youthful

  • Provide
    a relaxed
    by deeply
    from computer

  • Make your skin
    as a special
    care on
    the eve
    of a
    special day.

  • A specially designed gel
    that tightly and
    fit the skin
    around the eyes and mouth.


Penetrating Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid’s molecules are smaller than average,
which boosts its ability to penetrate
the stratum corneum and immediately hydrate skin.

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Pearl Extract

It is extracted from Japanese Akoya Pearl oysters
and deeply nourishes the skin,
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French Lavender Extract

This extract is derived from varieties grown
in the
Mediterranean region of France.
It has a unique and
relaxing scent while also keeping
your skin healthy.