“Whitening from the Root”
by Domohorn Wrinkle

What Domohorn Wrinkle is Pursuing: Spotless Skin

“I got a spot.” “My face becomes dull.”… and people start whitening to tackle the problem.
It shouldn’t be this way!
We believe in taking care of the “root” of the skin so that spot can barely grow.
Keep the original whiteness for spotless skin – “Whitening from the Root” is what Domohorn Wrinkle is pursuing.

Flowers only blossom when the root is strong and healthy – so does our skin.
By strengthening the skin original power, Domohorn Wrinkle leads you to natural beauty.

Domohorn Wrinkle has 8 products in total.

  • Refining 3

  • Essential 4

  • Daytime Solution

Total 8* JPY 60,000 /
Essential 4 JPY 33,000

* “Total 7 JPY 48,000” (excluding Relieving Foam Mask) for customers outside Hong Kong region.

Especially Essential 4 can help strengthening skin power.
So to speak, a must-have set!

  • Step1

    Supply adequate moisture for clear skin.

    Intense Hydrator
    JPY ¥5,000

  • Step2

    Activate blood circulation and reduce melanin production for glowing skin.

    Vital White Essence
    JPY ¥10,000

  • Step3

    Revive resilience for bright skin.

    JPY ¥13,000

  • Step4

    Protect smooth skin by a veil layer as the last step.

    Milky Veil Lotion
    JPY ¥5,000

Free Worldwide Delivery for First Time Customers

Delivery All Over The World

We deliver the fresh made products by EMS
directly from Kumamoto, Japan
to all countries over the world.


There is First Time Purchase Campaign.

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