Skin Problems

The “Essential 4” for restoring moisture that is robbed by sweat.

In the summertime, even if you just step outside the house, you wind up drenched in sweat!

Did you know that when you’re wiping off sweat and oil you’re actually removing some of your skin’s essential moisture? You may think you’re only wiping away excess moisture, but you might actually be decreasing your skin’s essential moisture balance without knowing it.

However in the summertime, not wiping the sweat away won’t necessarily help the situation. That’s why it’s important for you to increase your skin’s moisture balance through daily skincare treatment.

Domohorn Wrinkle’s “power to fulfill” increases your skin’s moisture!

Research has shown that when Domohorn Wrinkle’s “Intense Hydrator” and “Milky Veil Lotion” are used together for about 8 weeks, the skin’s moisture increases by 27% compared with before use. What’s more, the skin’s moisture level increases by 35% when all of the Essential 4 products, “Intense Hydrator”, “Vital White Essence”, “Cream20” and “Milky Veil Lotion”, are used for eight weeks.

These proven results are amazing! These research results relate to restoration of the skin’s moisture lost through aging, but the Essential 4 are also effective in reversing the skin’s moisture loss in summer. Naturally you can expect results from using just one of our products, but for faster, more certain effectiveness, we definitely recommend using the “Essential 4” together.

The Domohorn Wrinkle product line addresses the basic concerns of aging skin, such as wrinkles and spots, and is also effective in addressing these kinds of seasonal skin concerns.