Skin Problems

Physical cycles – the key to a healthy complexion.

Promoting physical cycles is the key to retaining healthy skin.


In order to maintain healthy skin, it is important to promote your physical cycles by exercising alongside a daily treatment with basic skincare products. These cycles include “blood circulation,” which carries essential nutrition around the body, and cellular “metabolism,” which involves the absorption of necessary nutrient by the body and the excretion of leftover material. A healthy and active circulation and metabolism promote “turnover” of the older external cells of one’s skin, leaving fresh healthy cells that enhance your complexion.

The key to improving one’s physical cycles is a daily regimen of light exercise. We’d like to present some measures recommended by Domohorn Wrinkle that you can do every day in your spare time.


Daily “circulation exercises” that can be done anywhere, whenever you have a little spare time.


1,Firstly, clasp your hands, turn you palms outwards and stretch your body up, breathing in for about three seconds.

2.Relax as you let all that breathe out in one go, gently lowering your hands. The key here is to “breathe out completely.”

3.Repeat this exercise three times while focusing on “breathing in deeply” and “breathing out completely.” This physical cycle helps to invigorate you by completely recharging your lungs with fresh air.


“Circulation massage” while sitting on a chair or the floor


Take hold of a calf in both hands, and gently knead it “from the bottom to the top,” as if helping to push the blood up from your toes to your heart. Repeat this action for several minutes.


Your calves actually do play a role in pumping blood to the toes and then sending it back to the heart.  Experts think of them as like a “second heart” and consider the role they play to be very important. If your calves become stiffer due to contraction of the muscle for reasons such as lack of exercise, your blood may not circulate as well as it should around the body. To prevent such a scenario, it is worth doing this type of massage every day.

Continuous activities effortlessly enhance your physical health, including your complexion.

In addition to these activities, your physical cycles can be promoted by consciously doing some other exercises in your spare time – for example, bending your knees and stretching your legs, fast walking, and heading to your next destination on foot instead of catching a train. The point is to get into the good habit of doing small amounts of exercise that don’t overly exert you; otherwise you may give up after a couple of tries. The aforementioned massage and exercises are recommended for anyone who has a minor problem, such as “poor physical circulation,” “perpetually feeling cold,” or whose “skin somehow seems bad.”