Skin Problems

Beware of Inner Dry Hidden Dryness, an Unrecognizable Condition of Aging Skin.

If you believe your skin is adequately moisturized, you may be wrong.

The sunshine of summer causes hot and humid weather, so the moisture in the air and sweat on your skin may lead you to your skin is moisturized, but that is a common misunderstanding. Wet skin is only wet on the surface. Chances are the internal layers of your skin are dry.

This condition is called inner dryness.Not many are aware of inner dryness, but this condition often plagues women in the modern society.For example, those who cannot sleep during sweltering nights, those damaged by UV rays from the strong sun, who suffer from dryness from the A/C or fan, those who find it difficult to regulate between indoor and outdoor temperature differences, causes for inner dryness constantly haunt us in our daily lives.

If you ignore the problem, the condition of your skin will become unstable and show signs of aging as it will dry out, peel, and your pores remain open.

Senshu Water Eggplant has the natural power to prevent inner dryness.


In order to prevent inner dryness from the inescapable summer season, you must moisture the skin from within. We explored the world for a plant that could help us do that.We finally found it in the Senshu region of Japan, in the form of the Senshu Water Eggplant.It is a high-end produce that contains much more water content than a normal eggplant.

Domohorn Wrinkle’s Intense Hydrator has the same ability for holding moisture.It increases the ability to form NMF(*1) which maintains balanced skin moisture Intense Hydrator is included in the Essential 4 series, which helps to maximize the full effect of this power.

Care for your skin in 4 stages and moisturize your skin from the inside with over 170 natural ingredients including the Senshu Water Eggplant to resolve the problem of inner dryness. Moisturize and indulge in your skin.


*1 Stands for Natural Moisturizing Factor. NMF retains moisture in the corneocyte layer of skin.