Skin Problems

How to Reduce Fine Lines?

Once you reach your 30s, new skin worries can emerge. One of these concerns is fine lines that appear at the corners of the eyes and around eye bays. These don’t just make you look older, but they can also make it difficult to apply makeup. Here we discuss the causes of these fine lines and effective skincare techniques.

How do fine lines form?

Fine lines are created due to the lack of moisture on the surface skin. Thus, skin texture is disrupted and cracks appear. As they occur due to dryness in the epidermis, they are also known as “dry wrinkles.”
Fine lines are still not severe as wrinkles go. Unlike the “age lines” that sink into the dermis, dryness only involves the surface of the skin, and it is therefore likely to be treatable by self-care.

Fine lines are the sign of skin aging


Fine lines are directly caused by dryness of the epidermis, and they are not very prominent when the skin is moisturized immediately after a bath or skincare. Wrinkles appear as moisture is lost over time. Therefore, moisturizing is the only way to improve this situation. After properly supplementing moisture, it is important to apply a seal with oil to prevent moisture loss. However, skin dryness also refers to a state in which the inner layers of the skin are no longer able to store moisture. Once fine lines have started to form, signs of aging will be perceptible on the skin and it might be time to review your skincare regime.

Effective solution to fine lines

If you do nothing for skincare after washing your face or taking a bath, moisture will gradually be lost. To prevent fine, it is important to start skincare quickly. Do not leave the skin defenseless for too long skincare.

However, it is not good to rush to apply too many items to the skin after starting care. Applying essence right after moisturizer before its absorption can actually halve the effectiveness of skincare products. A strategy such as watching television while you are waiting is recommended for unrushed skincare.

Starting proper care early in the morning is an effective means of preventing the progression of serious wrinkles. Once you notice fine lines in their early stages, you should start proper skincare straight away.