Skin Problems

Remarkably effective for facial sweat and oil.

Why not try a morning skincare routine using our Oil-in-Gel Remover?

In the summertime, it’s normal to sweat.Many women in Japan have problems with makeup caking and blackheads due to sweat and oil buildup. Similarity, because of the heat and humidity, when you go to bed in the evening, your oil secretion increases and when you get up in the morning, your face feels sticky! Isn’t there something you can do? The fact is, when the excess oil remains on your skin, it oxidizes and this is what causes pores to clog and blackheads to form.In an effort to combat this problem, we created our Oil-in-Gel Remover.
gelFor those who are troubled with oily or sticky skin in the morning, please apply it directly to your bare face, before you wash it.

Utilizing the power of Shea butter and olive squalane supplements and balanced with a number of high quality, carefully selected plant oils, it removes excess oil, while still protecting aging skin’s essential moisture. Furthermore, sea lavender oil gently sweeps away clogged pores, the leading cause of blackheads. Since your skin’s condition is improved, foundation glides on better and daytime shine is reduced. Plus, it is harder for foundation to cake to your skin.


Soothing “Milky Veil Lotion” gets rid of problems with sweat and oil buildup.

Another product we recommend for those concerned about sweat and oily buildup is our “Milky Veil Lotion”.Our “Milky Veil Lotion” helps lock in the skin’s natural and essential moisture, with the added benefit of balancing out the skin’s essential oils to fit each individual skin type.


As part of your morning skincare routine, apply a generous amount of Milky Veil Lotion in order to combat depletion of your skin’s essential moisture. It provides a milky, protective veil for healthy skin. As another added benefit, makeup glides on better and stays fresh for longer.

For those concerned about sweat and oil buildup and makeup caking, be sure to include it as part of your morning skincare routine.

You’ll be amazed by how much better your skin looks during the day and in the evening!


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