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For over 42years now, we’ve continued to care about “collagen evolution.”

Many people are aware that collagen is good for the skin, but very few of them could explain exactly why this is so. This post is all about collagen, a subject that can’t be left out when talking about Domohorn Wrinkle.


Our brand pioneered the concept – now widely accepted – that collagen is good for your skin.

Although collagen is a very important constituent of the human body, and is found in bones, blood-vessels and other tissues, most of the body’s collagen is found in the skin. In fact, 70% of the entire skin consists of collagen. Collagen power is what gives skin its elasticity and firmness. As we get older, however, the collagen in our skin loses much of its power, and gradually becomes more rigid. Wrinkles, age spots, loss of suppleness and other issues are closely linked to the state of our skin’s collagen, which is why they become more pronounced as we age. Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was among the first firms in Japan to realize the implications of this fact, in large part because we used to be a pharmaceutical company.

About 40 years ago, collagen was used in clinical settings in the form of poultices and burn treatments, to promote skin regeneration. We worked out that since collagen aids skin regeneration, it would probably help make skin more beautiful and healthier. Working on this principle, we gave Japan its first collagen-based skincare products. We carefully researched ingredients and extraction methods, amassing knowledge and techniques from all over the world. In 1974, we launched a collagen-based skin cream called “Domohorn Wrinkle 5.”

Since then, our products have evolved through a number of reformulations. “Cream20” – now in its 17th version – has firmly retained its status as Japan’s best-selling skin cream for over 10 years. Let’s look back at how we got here.


Every three or four years, we reformulate our products, continually adopting the most up-to-date technologies.

Two years after its market launch, the collagen content of our skin cream had quadrupled. In 1992, we cleared the hurdle of incorporating fatty acids into our products, and succeeded in sourcing collagen of even higher purity. In 1994, we introduced collagen into all our products, including cleansers and facewash. From then on, they steadily evolved even further. In 2000, we succeeded in breaking down collagen particles to a size about one thousand times smaller than ever before, enabling us to extract collagen peptide, which has an increased ability to permeate the skin. By raising the permeability of normal collagen, we were able to make it penetrate beyond the skin’s surface, deep into what is known as the stratum corneum, or horny layer. Since 2007, we have used conger pike collagen. A kilo of conger pike skin yields just three grams of collagen, but the products we make from this collagen perform better at improving the skin’s elasticity and moisture retention.

Then in 2015, we further enriched our products with what we call “penetrating permeable collagen” obtained from the scales of a fish known as the tripletail, which lives off the coast of Indonesia. The collagen contained in tripletail scales is particularly good at helping to heal wounds. Its unusually high regenerative power brings firmness and radiance to the skin. With more high-quality collagen and a wider range of superior collagen varieties, our products now have double the power to make your skin firmer and more radiant.

As you can see, Domohorn Wrinkle’s collagen story is substantial, and that’s just one aspect of our brand. And here’s why we’re disclosing this information in such detail.


– the tripletail –


The reason why we’ve retained a loyal customer base for the last 30 years is that we’re honest and we put our customers first.

Simply describing our products as “collagen-based” would not convey their specific benefits. We want our customers to buy our products because they truly understand them. That’s why we absolutely insist on disclosing details of our ingredients. And every time we reformulate, we explain the improvements we’ve made, and list the country of origin and producers of the ingredients.

We’re proud to say that our repeat purchase rate is 93.9%. We believe this is because our customers appreciate our corporate integrity, and recognize the effectiveness of our products, which is borne out by a high rate of satisfaction. “Delivering better ingredients deeper into your skin.” That’s the thinking behind the evolution of our products. With more than 40years of history behind it, we believe today’s Domohorn Wrinkle product range is our greatest masterpiece.