Research & Development

We have been developing our own line of cosmetic products as a pharmaceutical company of Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine.

Why did we choose herbal medicine for cosmetics?

You may wonder why Domohorn Wrinkle was created with herbal medicine as the conceptual and technical base.Let’s take a look at Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Company, where the products are manufactured and sold, which will also clarify the reason.Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Company was founded in Japan in 1932 as a pharmaceutical company of herbal medicine.

We first started sales of cosmetics in 1974.The principle of Chinese herbal medicine is to “bring out the full potential of one’s natural healing power and fundamental power.” If cosmetics were created with that concept and expertise, then perhaps it could rescue people from the skin-aging problems of wrinkles and age spots.From that point forward, we used our expertise cultivated over the years as a pharmaceutical company of Chinese herbal medicine to research, develop, and manufacture cosmetics.

Blending 170 Carefully Selected Herbal Plant Extracts.

Domohorn Wrinkle products in the current market use blends of approximately 170 herbal plant extracts. This is the result of exploring and analyzing plants from all across the world.Sturdy plants that survive in nature such as ginseng and the Shiranui chrysanthemum have the power to stimulate the fundamental power of skin as well as the ability to thoroughly and steadily guide you to unafflicted skin.

We are able to confidently talk about our products because we have continued research efforts and have proved their effects time and time again.In fact, we are the leading brand of aging care products in Japan, as many women have come to trust in our brand since its inception. However, we would like to strive even further and give it our all by improving the effects of our products and resolving issues for more people, not just for those in Japan but for everyone in the world who is worried about their skin.