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We’ve achieved a national first!

All eight Domohorn Wrinkle products have been officially proven to “reduce the visibility of fine lines

Did you know that Japan has an “efficacy evaluation test” for skincare products?

Set by an academic body called the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, this test is designed to assess effectiveness in terms of “reducing the visibility of fine lines caused by dryness.” The testing is carried out by dermatologists and researchers at third-party institutions. Only skincare products that satisfy rigorous standards in various areas, including beneficial effects on skin, safety, reproducibility, scientific basis and quality maintenance, are permitted to use a Japanese phrase in their labeling indicating that it has passed the Efficacy Evaluation Test.


名称未設定-1Even Japan’s top skincare brands have trouble passing this test, and very few skincare products bear the coveted label. Even if they do, only a few individual products – such as night cream and eye cream – have passed the test, rather than a whole product line.


This makes it all the more significant that Domohorn Wrinkle is the first Japanese brand to have a complete product line pass the Efficacy Evaluation Test. All eight products, including the skin cleansing products Oil-in-Gel Remover and Silky Cream Foam, and UV Dress Cream (which offers daytime protection against UV damage), have been proven to “reduce the visibility of fine lines caused by dryness.”


We have set rigorous standards for ourselves. That’s why our product quality is high enough to address the skin concerns of customers all over the world.

Japan’s cosmetics manufacturing standards are acknowledged to be among the highest in the world. Yet even here, Domohorn Wrinkle leads the field. This is because ever since we launched our brand, we have taken pride in consistently developing specialized skincare products for aging skin. Besides effectiveness and safety, our own strict standards cover all aspects ranging from the manufacturing process to the selection of ingredients. This has enabled us to do something that no Japanese company had ever done before. The label “Passed the Efficacy Evaluation Test” is our badge of honor.

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Fine lines caused by dryness are a concern for aging skin, and not just in Japan. If you’ve noticed that your skin is more prone to dryness than it used to be, or if you’re concerned about the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, be sure to try Domohorn Wrinkle. With regular use, you should find that your concerns about wrinkles become a thing of the past.