About Domohorn Wrinkle

Cream 20 is the quintessential Domohorn Wrinkle product.

Cream20 is the bestselling cream in Japan, representing the pinnacle of all Domohorn Wrinkle research.

Aging skin problems such as wrinkles and spots are primarily caused by a deterioration in the quality of and ability to create collagen, the building block of the skin.  In other words, high quality collagen needs to be delivered to the keratin layer of the skin to restore a firm and radiant complexion.  With this in mind, we have been developed “Cream20” to provide even better quality collagen as deep into the dermal layer as possible.

“Cream20” is known as a pioneer amongst collagen-containing cosmetics. It is a basic skincare item blended with collagen that was first released in Japan in 1974.  It has been repeatedly improved over the course of more than forty years of research, and the constituents and composition ratio have been constantly fine-tuned.  Today, we are proud to say that it is Japan’s best-selling cream, even though our products have never been sold in stores.

Proud that “Cream20” has always been of the highest quality


The primary characteristic of the 18th generation of “Cream20” in 2016 is its richness.  Some nine different natural ingredients are blended, including penetrating collagen obtained from rare Tripletail, Conger Pike collagen, tulip essence to increase the function of your self-recovery proteins, damask rose essential oil to strings together collagen molecules, and peony extract to fine-tune the function of collagen. Increasing the composition ratio of the constituents has allowed us to create a softer cream, while dermal penetration has been enhanced through more refined encapsulation.

In addition, “Cream20” has the highest collagen composition ratio of any Domohorn Wrinkle product.  This is an excellent item supplied with the utmost confidence.  If you would like to try just one item to begin with or are not sure which item to select, we strongly recommend you start with “Cream20.”  We have absolute confidence that you will feel that your skin is “firmer and more radiant.”