About Domohorn Wrinkle

Our “Total 8” solution is the fruit of more than 40 years of research

The Domohorn Wrinkle lineup consists of a total of eight items, packaged under “Refining 3,” “Essential 4” and “Daytime Solution.

First, the “Refining 3” products are used to prepare the skin and ensure that the “Essential 4” products are fully effective.  The “Oil-in-Gel Remover” is used to gently cleanse off any oily residue, such as the foundation and eye makeup.  Next, the rich “Silky Cream Foam” is used to remove any residual sebum and old keratin accumulations from the day. The “Softening Foam Mask” contains vitamins and amino acids that help to repair any damage inflicted due to lifestyle habits or stress, and enhances the complexion.  Any residual makeup or old keratin remaining on the surface of the skin would prevent penetration deep into the skin regardless of the excellence of the ingredients applied.  These procedures are also indispensable for preparing the skin to receive these ingredients in its basal layers.


After preparing the skin, the “Essential 4” products are used.  The “Intense Hydrator” is applied first to ensure that the entire surface is sufficiently moist, thus creating a path for moisture to penetrate to the deeper epidermal layers.  Next, the “Vital White Essence” is applied to the entire skin, and the “Cream20” is applied to provide collagen to the basal layers of the skin, making it firmer and more radiant. Finally, the “Milky Veil Lotion” is used to ensure that the skin is covered by a protective sheen.  During the day, the “UV Dress Cream” can be used to protect against UV damage.


The processes of preparation, moisture retention, full application, provision, protection, and prevention using all eight products is a finely tuned solution derived from more than four decades of research into skin aging by Domohorn Wrinkle.  For this reason, we recommend purchasing a full set of products, and paying particular attention to procedures and techniques.


Try it for two months.  Prepare to be amazed at your changed complexion.

Even if you only use the “Essential 4” products, or possibly just one item from the full set, you will notice an effect.  All eight products were confirmed to suppress minor winkles caused by moisture loss in 2016, and we continue to make improvements to each product year on year.  However, there is no doubt that the full lineup of eight Domohorn Wrinkle products needs to be used in order to enjoy the full benefit.  In actual fact, 93.9% of customers who purchased all eight items went on to buy the same full set at least three more times.  We believe this statistic is the clearest demonstration of a definite effect.


It takes about a month after starting to use Domohorn Wrinkle products for the first time for customers to properly notice the effects.  This is how long it takes for the ingredients to fully penetrate to the core of the skin, bolster its ability to produce its own collagen, and then for the effect to finally appear on the surface of the skin through repeated turnover of the outer cells.  If you want to reduce aging spots and wrinkles or your skin has lost its firmness with age, please do try “Total 8” as a full package.  We are confident you will feel a revolutionary change in your complexion by the end of the course.