About Domohorn Wrinkle

The Domohorn Wrinkle effect is achieved through “treatment.”

Why we talk about “treatment” instead of “care.”

We use the term “te-ate” in Japanese (meaning “treatment”) instead of skincare because the “te” (hand) is central to providing the care offered by Domohorn Wrinkle products. We believe that the gentlest care is afforded by sensing even minor changes through direct contact between the skin and fingers or palms. In fact, research has also shown that the “surface temperature of the skin increases with sufficient touch, improving the penetration rate of each ingredient in our products.”

However, simply using one’s hands is not in itself enough.  How can we hope to achieve sufficient effect if we use exactly the same procedure to apply eight different products with different ingredients and in different forms, or apply too little, or make just a light application to the skin surface only?We have identified specific points for all our customers to ensure they can apply these beneficial ingredients to their skin correctly: “usage quantity,” “massage procedure,” “application strength,” “duration,” “frequency,” and “timing of proceeding to the next step,” etc.  In this way, we have created the “most effective skin treatment procedure” while thoroughly verifying the ingredients and penetration rates for each of our eight products.


“Skin” is hard at work our whole life. For this reason, it needs to be treated gently and carefully.


Some of us may feel that “treatment is a hassle.” Certainly, even though one treatment only takes a few minutes, in totality, we may spend several hundreds or even thousands of hours washing our face over the decades. But if we don’t treat our skin in the correct way, or apply too much pressure, we may end up doing more harm than good! For this reason, we would like to make sure that you understand the importance of each individual treatment.

After advising our customers again on the correct treatment procedure, some who struggled to get the full effect have been heard to say, “Once I began to follow the treatment procedure strictly, I really began to notice its benefit.” Following the “treatment” plan to the letter is essential to obtain the full effect of Domohorn Wrinkle. If you feel you may not be following the procedures in full or have any difficulty understanding the instructions, please take a moment to watch the brief “video explanations” for each product listed below.


Oil-in-Gel Remover : https://youtu.be/2Oe51fR0gfY

Silky Cream Foam : https://youtu.be/CDc9cgTq10M

Intense Hydrator : https://youtu.be/5jfrO1ltiwU

Vital White Essence : https://youtu.be/a1ZeZMrjDW4

Cream20 : https://youtu.be/TVYxaWAgMF0

Milky Veil Lotion : https://youtu.be/a5lILQKM-hQ

UV Dress Cream : https://youtu.be/pJbMugkjHFs