About Domohorn Wrinkle

The skincare loved in Japan for over 40 years are finally available overseas!

First, a brief introduction.

Domohorn Wrinkle is a line of Japanese skincare. We sell skincare that enhance the skin’s own restorative power and utilize healing power of traditional Chinese medicine, handed down for generations.

Since our company was first established in 1932, we have worked tirelessly to research, develop and manufacture products, all with the ultimate goal of alleviating the issues of aging skin, such as wrinkles and age spots.

With this goal in mind, we have helped guide many Japanese women on the path to trouble-free skin. Our brand has established itself as the “aging skin specialists”.We are now one of the leading brands in Japan, with many loyal customers.

In order to let more people experience the effectiveness of our products. We have decided to expand into the overseas market. Please take this opportunity to see for yourself the result of 42 years of skincare research, through our Domohorn Wrinkle line of skincare cosmetics. When you feel the fantastic results on your skin, you will want to keep it with you always.


Our Fundamental skincare products, the answer to the concerns of aging skin.

Domohorn Wrinkle comes from the knowledge and understanding of skin chemistry and the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine.The key belief of our cosmetics development is that by energizing the skin and by harnessing the skin’s restorative power, worries about wrinkles and spots disappear.

We established all-Japanese development and production through collaborative research with Japanese medical institutes and through manufacturing our products ourselves. As a result, we succeeded in creating technology that is the answer to skin problems, no matter the age or skin type.

“Fulfill” “Provide” “Grow” “Protect”, The synergy of these concepts improves the regenerative power of your skin, leading to strong, self-confident skin, even without makeup. You don’t need to resign yourself to aging skin issues such as wrinkles or spots. With the Domohorn Wrinkle skincare lineup, you can have beautiful skin at any age.


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