About Domohorn Wrinkle

The Concept of Improving the “Fundamental Power of Skin”

The fundamental power of skin is the power to make your skin beautiful.

You may have experienced a skin wound that healed or sunburnt skin that returned to normal before you knew it. The ability for your skin to autonomously return to a beautiful state is called the “Fundamental Power of Skin”.The fundamental power of skin is something you are born with, but it gradually declines with age.Not only does the healing process take more time, but it is also the cause of wrinkles and age spots.

It is important to set conditions that make it easy to heal and supplement the skin in order to maintain its beauty as a countermeasure to the above problem.Domohorn Wrinkle, which was created based on Chinese traditional herbal medicine, utilizes the power of herbal medicine in the same way it is used to treat injuries to deliver natural ingredients to your skin to its deepest layers to improve the fundamental power of skin, solving the issues of wrinkles and age spots.

Periodically improving the raw materials and formula. Always delivering the best product for the times.


We never stay content with our progress, but continue to look for ways to improve the quality of our products by prioritizing the objective of how to improve the fundamental power of skin for our customers.We have proudly achieved a 94.5% repeat rate among our loyal customers in Japan.

There are some that have only used Domohorn Wrinkle as their base cosmetics for decades.In order to maintain that level of trust from our customers, we renew our products every 3 – 4 years by reviewing everything from the ingredients to the formula, continually striving to improve.

The current Domohorn Wrinkle products are the amalgamation of over 40 years of research findings.Continued use will improve your fundamental power of skin and lead to healthy skin.