About Domohorn Wrinkle

“UV Dress Cream” developed from the unique concept of “daytime skincare.”

Thoroughly blocks ultraviolet rays – the primary cause of aging skin.


Worries over wrinkle and age spots naturally increase as we get older.  But did you know that 80% of such damage is caused by UV rays?  Excessive exposure to UV rays damages our collagen, the building block of the skin, and promotes the production of the melanin that causes aging spots, and thus is the natural enemy of healthy skin.  Ensuring adequate care every day of the year is essential, as the skin is not damaged only during summer or on sunny days. Damage is also done on cloudy days and when we have fewer hours of daylight.


To remedy this issue, we recommend our “UV Dress Cream”, which has been specifically developed for daytime skincare. It has been graded in Japan as SPF50+ (*1) / PA++++ (*2), indicating the highest level of protection from ultraviolet rays, thus providing the strongest dermal protection from all types of UV ray-related damage. This product also protects the skin from a range of daily irritants, including blue light emitted by PCs and smartphones.


Caring for damaged skin while protecting against UV rays.


Because these products are so effective, some people worry that their ingredients may put a “heavier burden on the skin.”  However, as a pharmaceutical company, we have been developing basic skincare products derived from Chinese herbal medications for more than four decades.  We have successfully achieved protection from ultraviolet rays while simultaneously providing care “that boosts the fundamental power of the skin after it has been damaged” through diligent research that takes into account the latest findings in dermatology, and we stick to using only natural ingredients that are well suited to the skin.

Natural ingredients, such as Yabatsui Essence and Guava Leaf Extract to bolster our “self-recovery proteins” and Shiranui chrysanthemum to restrain “aging acceleration proteins,” are blended with generous proportions of moisture-retaining components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Applying cream to one’s skin does not impose any strain, but rather increases its fundamental power.  Furthermore, the product has completed efficacy evaluation studies that have demonstrated its efficacy at “suppressing minor wrinkles caused by moisture loss” after repeated use.


Domohorn Wrinkle treatment even during the day.


This cream smoothly penetrates the skin while effectively working as a makeup base by perfectly filling any unevenness in the skin and toning down any redness, so a simple application of this cream renders a complexion that is “more beautiful than bare skin.”

“UV Dress Cream” has a very beneficial effect by itself, simultaneously protecting against UV rays, mitigating fine lines, repairing damage, and providing an excellent base for makeup.  In addition to early morning and late evening treatments with “Refining 3” and “Essential 4” products, why not apply Domohorn Wrinkle during the day as a quick way to enhance your skin?