About Domohorn Wrinkle

The Power of Essential 4, Approved by the Dermatologists of Japan.

Dermatologists of Japan approve of these 4-stage skincare items.

Domohorn Wrinkle has developed and offer 8 products made to boost the fundamental power of skin.Using every product maximizes the results, but we recommend the Essential 4 for those who wish to experience the products first.The four products including Intense Hydrator, Vital White Essence, Cream20, and Milky Veil Lotion—our basic line created with 40 years of expertise of Domohorn Wrinkle.

According to the “Evaluation Guidelines for the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products” as stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, more than 95% of dermatology experts assessed these masterpieces to be “useful in resolving wrinkle issues”.Allowing these four products to permeate the skin in order, the synergy of fulfilling, providing, growing, and protecting is generated, solving problems surrounding skin-aging including wrinkles and age spots.

Essential 4, Created with 40 Years of Expertise at Domohorn Wrinkle.

Fulfill, Provide, Grow, Protect. Only then will your start to change.The first step is to use Intense Hydrator, which is full of collagen and hyaluronic acid to help satisfy and stimulate the skin.Then it reduces melanin, the cause of age spots, and increases the amount of moisture in the skin.Next, vitalize the skin with Vital White Essence, which is full of whitening elements such as vitamin C and imojochu lees, and give life with Cream20, which can permeate any skin type.

Finally, Milky Veil Lotion creates 3 protective layers in the form of a moisture barrier, horny cell layer, and tight junction to guard your skin from external damage.You can improve the vitality of your skin by thoroughly caring for it with these four steps.Using Intense Hydrator alone or Vital White Essence in combination with Cream20 is also effective, but for those who want to actually feel the difference, try the Essential 4.

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