About Domohorn Wrinkle

We bring our customers the highest quality available today

We believe that our latest research results should be reflected in our products.That’s why we reformulate them every three to four years.


At Saishunkan, we stay at the forefront of dermatological research, constantly seeking out the most effective natural ingredients. We then apply these newly-acquired techniques and ingredients in our products, which is why we’ve had a three-to-four-year renewal cycle ever since we first launched Domohorn Wrinkle. To us, renewal is not about increasing the number of new products or changing product names or the packaging. It’s about enhancing the effectiveness of our existing products. By continually reviewing and improving our products from various angles – ranging from efficacy, safety, and ingredients to the user-friendliness of the containers – we have continually honed the performance of our whole product line.

You’re probably wondering why our renewal cycle is so important to us.

Let us explain.


By combining the power of science and the blessings of nature, our products boost what we call the fundamental power of skin in other words, skins natural self-regenerating capacity.

Domohorn Wrinkle products are manufactured according to the principles of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, which uses the power of nature to boost the “fundamental power of skin.” However, traditional Chinese herbal medicine – sometimes known as kanpo – originated more than a thousand years ago. Nowadays, we live very different lifestyles from the people kanpo was designed to serve, and the average human lifespan is also much longer.

Here at Saishunkan, we don’t think it’s possible to find solutions for the aging skin concerns of modern customers simply by following the age-old techniques of kanpo. So, while keeping abreast of the latest dermatological research in our capacity as a kanpo-based pharmaceutical company, we also stay on the lookout for natural ingredients that are even better than the ones we already use. By searching the world over for undiscovered plants, and natural products with previously unknown benefits as skincare, we have amassed a library of thousands – even tens of thousands – of ingredient samples. In this way, by combining state-of-the-art dermatological technology and natural ingredients, based on the principles of kanpo, we have continued developing skincare products that, time and time again, proved to be the most effective products of their day. Every time we verified our latest findings, we reformulated our existing products, bringing our loyal customers the newest technologies then available.

Our evolutionary cycles have taken the form of renewing existing products rather than launching new ones. We do this because want to deliver even greater benefits to customers already using Domohorn Wrinkle products.


With the Winter 2016 renewal, Domohorn Wrinkle have evolved to feature worldwide innovations.
pic_03_1In 2016, Saishunkan achieved a worldwide first by confirming the involvement of age-accelerating proteins in skin aging, and clarifying the relationship between these proteins and what are known as “self-healing” proteins. We also discovered natural ingredients that mitigate skin aging by suppressing the action of an age-accelerating protein. With the addition of new ingredients – Shiranui chrysanthemum (whose use in skincare is another worldwide first) and tulip (a particular variety selected from some 5,600 varieties) – Domohorn Wrinkle has evolved anew in the winter of 2016.

The product names and packaging design has stayed much the same since the brand was first launched. However, thanks to those cycles of research and discovery, the products themselves have undergone dramatic upgrades in performance over the 42 years since they first emerged. “These are the same old Domohorn Wrinkle products that I’ve always used. But they just get more and more effective!” is a typical customer comment. This is exactly why our loyal customers stay with us, decade after decade.