Our skincare brand is manufactured and sold by us, a rare case in the world.

The employees of Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Company are in charge of research to development, manufacture, sales, and customer support.

At Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Company, where Domohorn Wrinkle is manufactured and sold, we have continued to use the integrated manufacturing and sales model since its inception.From product development to researchers studying manufacture, factory and distribution center staff, and customer service representatives “Pleasers” who directly answer customer concerns and inquiries, everything is handled by Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Company employees.We treat our customers with care by taking full responsibility from start to finish, and have always shared our concept and philosophy with customers in the same manner.

However, there are not many cosmetic makers in the world who adopt this manufacturing and sales model.It is the fact that we have over 80 years of experience as a pharmaceutical company of Chinese tradition herbal medicine in Japan that allows us to implement such an integrated environment.Improving our knowledge and expertise in herbal medicine over the years and implementing changes based on feedback from our customer base, which is in the tens of thousands, has earned Domohorn Wrinkle nation-wide recognition in Japan.

Your opinion is the key to opening new doors in product development.

One reason Domohorn Wrinkle is highly acclaimed in Japan is because we “quickly respond to customer’s feedback.”The reason we are able to receive feedback is thanks to our integrated manufacturing and sales model.All of our employees work with a”customer first” mindset, so not a single opinion goes unnoticed and will be handled in a speedy manner by the responsible party.

We have recently started to train customer service representatives in other languages as we are making serious efforts to go overseas. As we move from Japan onto the world stage, we will continue to hold ourselves accountable in order to convey the high quality of Domohorn Wrinkle.

If you have anything you don’t understand or concerns regarding Domohorn Wrinkle, no matter how small, please contact us.Your voice will travel any distance to reach us at Saishunkan, where every opinion counts towards future product development and improving our service quaility.