Why we ship Domohorn Wrinkle directly from Japan

“Isn’t Domohorn Wrinkle sold in stores?”

This is a question asked by many customers, but Domohorn Wrinkle is not sold in any stores anywhere in the world, even in Japan where it is produced. We want to deliver freshly made skincare products to our customers, wherever they are in the world. With this in mind, we have taken great pains over our direct sale-only sales system, with Domohorn Wrinkle shipped directly from our plant in Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture ever since it was first released.

The Domohorn Wrinkle manufacturing plant in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Manufacturing takes place under strictly controlled conditions, with the equipment disassembled and washed over four hours and all products visually inspected by workers.

名称未設定-1Domohorn Wrinkle does not use any preservatives, any synthetic antiseptics like paraben, or any artificial colorings or artificial perfumes. We take pains to use natural ingredients for manufacturing, and this is why we also take the greatest care over how the product is stored. If we were to outsource sales to a store and the product were to be stored in a warehouse without air conditioning and left for a long time, its quality would be bound to deteriorate. Having manufactured our products with painstaking care, we wondered how we could deliver them to our customers while retaining their freshly made quality. This is why we decided on a sales system involving direct shipment from our plant in Japan.


Shipping conditions, robust information management, and support also form part of Domohorn Wrinkle’s quality offering, in which we take great pride.

With the development of IT, we are now able to sell all over the world through orders made online. Still, some customers feel uncomfortable about entering their credit card details as part of a direct sales system. However, we have been in the direct sales business in Japan for more than 40 years, and are one of the foremost companies in this field. Utilizing the same highly secure system as in Japan, we are extremely thorough when it comes to information management, and we boast an outstanding level of security. Our pledge to our customers is that we will deliver Domohorn Wrinkle under management conditions that provide reassurance in all respects, including quality and security. You can feel confident about ordering from our website.

Should you have any other concerns about making a purchase, please contact our dedicated Domohorn Wrinkle Customer Pleasers, who will be happy to assist you. Our Customer Pleasers are fully trained and will carefully answer any questions to your complete satisfaction, including advice on the ingredients and usage methods of our products.